Who We Are

Our Mission

Opportunitree was founded to save people time and money when searching for their ideal job or candidate. We aim to provide efficient services that enables job-seekers find a job that perfectly suits their needs; and employers, to find the ideal candidates that fit the necessary requirements they seek. The unique features we offer provide a solution to the difficulty, inefficiency, and often, inauthenticity of information individuals face when applying or searching for jobs and employees.

Why Choose Opportunitree?

We truly care about you and your time, and unlike other job websites, we offer problem-solving technology that puts you in control when searching in the employment market. Using Opportunitree will help you balance your life, allowing you to find time for other social activities.

What Does it Cost?

Currently, absolutely nothing! However, in the future, we will introduce new unique features that require subscription. Don’t worry! The subscription fee will be affordable, and there will always be a free plan with most of the features you use today.

The Founders

Opportunitree was founded by two individuals who desire to help fellow employees and employers: Morgan Oluka, an Economics major student at the University of Victoria and Mesbah Mowlavi, a Computer Engineer major student at the University of British Columbia. Together, they have concentrated their passions and efforts to give life to Opportunitree, and make it the best job-search platform in Canada.

Got Questions?

We would love to help you out! Drop us a message here. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and job opportunities!